New Products for 2022 Coming Soon


Now HANDL comes full circle with its O series. The circle is the symbol of flow, rotation, symmetry and perfection. No other product on the market comes close to HANDL’s functionality and style. The O features a patented elastic loop which allows standard HANDL flexibility and ergonomics with the additional versatility- including the ability to hold your phone with just one finger! And as with all HANDL products, O converts easily to a full landscape and portrait stand.

If you have been fond of circles - there is no longer an excuse to use the other uncomfortable, impractical plastic grips on the market.


Now HANDL combines the flexibility of its brace/elastic technology with the versaltily of a removable magnetic product  

Now you can take off your HANDL to magSafe charge or switch styles to match your mood or outfit. The magHANDL combines magnetic force with microsuction material and can connect directly to your bare phone or with the accompanying adhesive ring base to your phone or case. magHANDL is crafted and engineered with quality precision molded parts to create the most compact and functional HANDL yet.

MagHANDL is available in both HANDLstick and HANDL O styles.

"The best magSafe compatible accessories at CES: HANDL is coming for PopSockets."

- Apple Insider

magHANDL Wallet

Now enjoy HANDL tech with a convenient expandable wallet. HANDL’s inventor used its special brace elastic on the wallet to make it open easier than other wallets and holds up to 7 cards. The magnetic wallet removes easily and allows you exchange it with other magHANDL styles to match your mood and need. Comes in black and brown dinosaur* leather.

HANDL Jewelry

HANDL is proud to release its new HANDL jewelry. This is a new form of hand adornment that complements use of our most used devices.

While we will soon be in offering mass production pieces, initially we are making handmade individual pieces by the artist/founder. Please inquire for models available.


Benjamin was an orphan capuchin monkey rescued and smuggled into the US by HANDL’s creator back in the late 1990s. Benjamin became a New York City resident for 14 years and brought magic to the concrete jungle. Benjamin and Hirsch’s adventures in New York are the subject of an Emmy award winning documentary produced by the New York Times.

Hirsch studied and painted Benjamin’s elastic and animated movements and he was an original influence on HANDL. We want to honor his presence and his species in a line of fun products in the O series.

A portion of the profits of these products will go towards protecting our primate relatives and their habitat.