Pranal Arts x HANDL | Collaboration

As a fluid artist, Pranal likes to play with bold colors that evoke a light healing energy. Using a unique method, Pranal hand pours and spins acrylic paints into one of a kind masterpieces. Not only does he create beautiful works of art, but he also offers classes to those who want to learn about fluid art. Some of his artwork will be displayed at The Arctic Art Gallery in Rhode Island and Tricera Art Gallery in Japan. 

In his own words: "... fluid art definitely teaches me how to go with the flow. I used to be the one who loved a lot of control but fluid art has taught me to let go and life just got more beautiful. Discovering fluid art was a turning point; its organic, free-flowing movement is mesmerizing to watch and has a calming effect on me. I love how it takes on a life of its own and travels a path I could never have planned. "

For a limited production run, he has created 14 completely unique HANDLstick designs. Featuring mesmerizing mineral shimmers mixed with rich jewel tones and ocean-inspired blues. 

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